GOING TO INVEST IN INDIA ? – Get Your Answer here

After more than 2 decades of liberalization, India has gained its reputation in International market and emerges as one of the leading nation in respect of business and investment. India in current scenario is 2nd largest market in the world following china. India is one of the developing nation. Despite of recession in 2008-09 in western countries, India has performed well and continuously performing well. Few sectors have tremendous growth which includes real estate, automobile, telecommunication and FMCG products. Service industry is not exception to this growth & it is contributing as equivalent to another Industries. All the Multinational Companies having their office including Microsoft, Coco Cola, Pepsi co, Vodafone, Unilever, Procter & Gamble etc. India is appealing to all the world’s leading companies in different sector as Burger King in Food Industry, MeadWestvaco in Paper Industry, Singapore International Airline (SIA) in Aviation sector and Tesco in Multi-Brand Retail. Recently 25 global companies set up their R & D centers in India including Groupon, Abbott, Expedia, Panasonic  etc..Image

But as a investor is this sufficient for you to invest in India and park your hard earned money in any sector. I don’t think so it would be smart decision to invest like this. No doubt India has potential to provide you better return on amount invested but it is better to know Indian Government policy before investing. Every citizen who is not resident of India, needs to follow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy . Do you have answers of your all questions which you should ask before investing, like: –

a) Are you authorized to Invest?

b) How much amount you can Invest?

c) In which entity & business sector you can invest?

d) What are the Investment mode?

e) What are the Tax implications?

f) How can you repatriate invested & earner money?

I will try to address all the question asked above and other issues related to this subject in my later blogs very soon in continuation to this. If you have any query you can reach us through our E-Mail ID contact@swanfintech.com


Rahul Singla


SWAN FinTech Pvt. Ltd.


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